Tortured Truth

Envisioning The American Dream

slavery-whitewashed-torture-devices Tortured Lies. The indignation over the use of torture is no surprise. But no one should be surprised  that Americas sense of moral superiority has already been marred by our long history of slavery. As much as we whitewash over the brutality of slavery as evidenced by this (L) happy slave as portrayed in a 1950s children’s coloring book, slaves were regularly beaten and tortured, (R) as seen in this illustration of instruments torture devices used on slaves.  (R) Image  (L) Illustration from “Our Country Historical Color Book” 1958

Torture is not part of our American mythology of goodness and justice for all.

“It’s not who we are,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in response to the CIA Torture Report.

“…It’s contrary to our values,” asserted our first African-American President.

“…a stain on our values and history,” lamented Senator Dianne Feinstein.


Now wait just one cotton…

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